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Things you should Know Before Visiting Calabria

If there is one place in Italy that is always busy and restless, then it has to be Calabria. Situated in the south most zone of Italy it is known for having a lot of people who belong to different sectors of the society.  People of different cultures, race, and religion make their livelihood here. The saddest part is that only a selective sector of the tourist population visits this place, otherwise in most of the cases it is hidden from the tourist purview.  So if you haven’t visited Calabria so far then make it a point to visit Calabria on your next vacation.  If you still have doubts on how good is Calabria as a tourist spot, we are here to persuade you.  The following are the reasons as to why Calabria should be your next holidaying point.



Calabria is a simple town to spend your days recreationally. Calabria is covered with a lot of beautifully built churches and Greek temples.  Most of the city is covered with beaches, giving larger scope for petty shopping and recreational activities.  The architectural works that is found in most of the places in Calabria were built during the colonial ages. So there is always a touch of those occupants in the architectural work that is found in Calabria. Calabria has got more of a rural touch. So you can get rid of the city life and enjoy the greenery for a while.


If you love seafood and you are in Italy, missing out Calabria is a sin. A larger part of Calabria’s cuisine is made of seafood and also had a culture that much relevant to seaside living.  In case if you are going to settle for something with veggies, then you have got to eat a lot of eggplants because these people use it a lot there.


Calabria has two climates. It is either a clear summer morning or a breezy cool winter. Since it is a nice place to visit, you can pick the season the most suits your taste and fix your vacation. Most people call that the climate in Calabria is more balanced like those in the tropical regions. This largely supports vegetation.


The local residents are simple and down-to-earth people. For generations, the people who reside here are people who settled here as a result of mass emigration. Though the land didn’t see development for a while, as a result of improvement in literacy rate and tourism the land has seen visible growth. The problem with visiting Calabria is that almost all the people speak their native language or the Italian language. However, the situation has considerably changed in the recent years.

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